Declaration of COVID-19 State of Emergency Notice, 2020

Constitution of Lesotho, 1993

Declaration of COVID-19 State of Emergency Notice, 2020

Legal Notice 26 of 2020

Pursuant to section 23(1) of the Constitution of Lesotho, and acting in accordance with the advice of the Council of State. I, Thomas Motsoahae Thabane, Prime Minister of Lesotho, declare that a state of emergency exists throughout the Kingdom of Lesotho, in respect of the pandemic caused by COVID-19 which threatens the lives of the people of Lesotho.
2.The State of emergency shall be deemed to have come into operation with effect from Wednesday 18th March, 2020.
3.During the period for which this declaration is in force, for the purposes of containment of the virus and protection of the nation against COVID-19 and in consultation with the Inter Ministerial Committee of Ministers, the following necessary and exceptional measures shall be in force:
(a)Essential services -Essential services which shall continue to operate are the following -
(i)health services;
(ii)security services;
(iii)essential bank services;
(iv)supermarkets and grocery shops;
(v)pharmacies and medical stores;
(vi)Government departments which offer essential services;
(vii)energy and fuel services;
(viii)special operations on agriculture;
(ix)media; and
(x)any other business or enterprise provided for in the Public Health Regulations.
(b)Non-essential services -The following places of business shall remain closed -
(i)Liquor businesses• Hotel liquor• Tavern• Off-sales• Club• Service canteen• Discotheques• Motel liquor• Night club• Lodge liquor• Guest House liquor• Public bar• Shebeen• Restaurant liquor• Resort liquor;
(ii)Accommodation, catering and tourism enterprises• Camp-site• Hotel• Lodge• Guest House• Restaurant• Self-Catering• Bed and Breakfast• Youth hostel• Resort• Motel• Catering;
(c)all persons shall not be allowed to leave their places of residence, except in extreme circumstances specified in the Public Health Regulations;
(d)gatherings are prohibited, except for funerals, which shall be attended by not more than 50 people per funeral;
(e)members of the public including members of Diplomatic Corp and international organisations shall refrain from travelling outside of and into Lesotho, except those who are essential suppliers of health services, groceries and essential household goods;
(f)members of the press shall refrain from publishing fake news;
(g)the Minister responsible for health shall further publish Regulations in respect of COVID-19 in line with international health standards provided by the World Health Organisation on the pandemic, and the Public Health Order, 1970[1].
4.All forms of activities including entertainment, sports, recreation and places of worship are prohibited.
5.The Lesotho Defence Force and the Lesotho Mounted Police Service shall operationalise all the above measures upon the commencement of this Declaration.NOTE[1] Act No. 12 of 1970
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