• Speech by the Law Society President at the Opening of Court of Appeal


    Speech for the opening of the Court of Appeal

    By President of The Law Society of Lesotho

    Adv. M.S. Rasekoai

    Your Lordships,

    It is otherwise prudent that I observe protocol as already articulated by my learned senior, The Honourable Attorney General. I have been reliably informed that my predecessors who addressed this Honourable Court on this occasion had grey-hairs and deeper voices than me. I will ask the court to take judicial notice of the fact that in no more than 10 years I will have developed the same.

  • Eulogy speech for the memorial of the Late Lebereko Augustinus Lethobane


    Eulogy speech for the memorial of the Late Lebereko Augustinus Lethobane

    Palace of Justice, High Court Building

    5 July 2012

    By: Adv. M.S. Rasekoai


    His Lordship The Honourable Chief Justice,

    Honourable Judges of this Honourable Court

    Members of the judiciary in their entirety

    My learned seniors in order of seniority

    My learned colleagues…

    Members of the family of Ntate Lebereko Augustinus Lethobane